Mikrofony kondenzátorové, elektronkové


Neumann :

CMV563 preamp 3x, M55 capsule 2x, M7 capsule 2x, M8 capsule 3x, M9 capsule, M582 preamp 3x, M62 capsule, M58 capsule 2x, UM57 2x

Rohde & Schwarz EZGN

Tesla AMC412 2x


Mikrofony kondenzátorové, ostatní

Joemeek JM27

Neumann KM84


MV692 preamp 2x, M94 capsule, M70 capsule


Beta 91, Beta 98 headset

Sigmaphon :

C420 2x, C1 4x (small diaphragm), HSMC 1″ 10x (large-diaphragm), HST 0,5″ 4x (small diaphragm)

Tesla AMC420


Mikrofony páskové

MXL R144

T.bone RB100

Mikrofony dynamické


D5 5x, D7, D20, D40 4x +H440 drum clip , D120, D190 2x, D224E, D440 2x, D880 2x, D1000 2x, D1200


Audix :

I5 3x, F10 3x, F12, OM6

Shure :

515, 585, Beta 52 2x, Beta 56 2x, Beta 58, SM57 4x, SM58 6x

Audiotechnica AT812

Beyerdynamic M81

ElectroVoice DS35

ElectroVoice RE11

Sennheiser E845S

Sennheiser E825S

Tesla 516450 2x

Uher M518


Samson CS2 2x

Samson Q7 6x

Digitální záznam:


E-MU 0404 (S-mod) 2x

M-Audio Fast Track Pro


RME Fireface 800 2x (20 channel analog IN/OUT)

RME Octamic (+8 channel analog input expansion)

T.C. Electronic Powercore FW (DSP)

Analogový záznam:


Studer A80RC, 1/4“ 2ch master recorder

Studer A80R, 1/4″ 2ch master recorder

Mechlabor STM310, 1/4“ 2ch (S-mod)

2x Mechlabor STM610, 1/4″ 2ch


Tascam 38, 1/2″ 8ch

Tesla Elektroakustika EAM500, 1″ 14ch

Mixážní pulty:

Soundcraft Series Five – 52x IN, 16x GRP, 12x AUX, 10x VCA

Allen Heath GL2200 mkIII (S-mod) – 16x IN, 4x GRP, 6x AUX  GALERIE

Tesla Elektroakustika Bratislava ESR2808 + patch

Tesla Elektroakustika Bratislava ESR2804

Sony MXP-210 (S-mod)

Sigmaphon EVK8  GALERIE


Sigmaphon Eighteenseas2 nearfield monitors (6,5+1″ WG)


RCF Monitor 8 (8″+1″ WG), ART200A (12″+1″ WG)

Tesla ARS651 (S-mod)  GALERIE

Sigmaphon Pentahead, 2channel/stereo

AKG K242

AKG K240

AKG K171

Shure SRH440

Vintage outboards:

AKG BX20 Stereo Spring Reverb

EMT 140 Tube Stereo Plate Reverb  GALERIE

Rohde & Schwarz EZGN Tube Preamp

Tesla EKV1015 Equaliser

Tesla EVK326 Preamp/EQ 8ch mix console (S-mod)

Tesla EVK326 Double Preamp/EQ (S-mod)

Other outboards:

Sigmaphon Pultec Passive Stereo EQ with SRPP Buffer

Sigmaphon G9 Tube Stereo Microphone Preamp

Sigmaphon 1176 Limiting Amplifier

DBX 166XL Compressor / Limiter / Gate (S-mod)

DBX 166A Compressor / Limiter / Gate (S-mod)

SM Pro Audio OC8E Optical Compressor

T.C. Electronic C300 Compressor

T.C. Electronic M300 Multieffect

Lexicon MPX500 Multieffect

Yamaha REV100 Multieffect

ART Multieffect

Behringer MDX8000 mkII Combinator Multiband Compressor/Limiter/Leveler (S-mod)

Behringer EX1 Edison Stereo Processor with Phase Meter (S-mod)

Behringer EX2100 Dualfex Enhancer/Exciter (S-mod)

Behringer T1952 Tube Composer Compressor

2x Behringer SNR2000 Denoiser Noise Reduction System (S-mod)

2x Behringer XR2000 Gate (S-mod)

2x Behringer PEQ305 5-band parametric equalizer (S-mod)

Yamaha Q2031  Equaliser

Musical instruments:

Fender Stratocaster

Mesa Boogie double 50

Vermona MV3  GALERIE

Hiwatt, Marshall, Matchless copy

Sonor – full size double drum system

2x conga